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About us

Castalytics GmbH is focused on applied artificial intelligence for different industries.

With the Castalyze™ method, internal and external data are meshed, valuable patterns and relations are identified using precise self-learning algorithms.

This enables companies to gain insights on company management, open up untapped business potential and shape their business in the future.

Castalytics is build on the experience of enercast in Power Forecast / Analytics and Big Data Management.

By the application of artificial intelligence, Castalytics increases the added value of systems and products by up to 25%.

Artificial intelligence as a productivity factor

Source: Accenture: Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Growth, 2016

More than digital optimization – AI opens up new growth potentials

Digitalization is only the first step

Analog business model

  • Low degree of automation and digitization

Digital business model

  • Mapping of analog processes to digital processes
  • Software application
  • Automation of subprocesses

Fully digital business model

  • Complete digitalization of all main processes
  • Applied AI as a productivity factor
  • Self-learning algorithms for permanent optimization

Castalytics at a glance

Technology company for applied artificial intelligence in the mining sector

Your Data – Your Success:

  • Mining Know-How and experince since 2004
  • Deep knowledge of underground mining in potash and salt
  • Productive solutions in more then 10 mines in operations
  • Successful projects in Europe and Canada

Measurable results within a very short time:

  • Deep Know-How and experience of applied Artifical Intelligence since 2009
  • Deep Know-How and experience of running and maintaining Big Data Infrstructure since 2012
  • Significant increase in value added
  • Proven success in various industries

The Castalyze™-Method

AI provides answers to millions of questions. The Castalyze™ method provides answers to the key question of how to increase the value of your business.


Identify potentials

  • Identification of data clusters in the company
  • Internal Data connections
  • Optional: connect external data (e.g., weather data)
  • Big-data analysis using artificial intelligence
  • Recognition of patterns and correlations
  • Identification of the value drivers
  • Elimination of ”corrupt data“

Development of related control signals

  • Translation of the analysis findings into process-relevant control signals
  • On the basis of concrete customer requirements (optimization)
  • On the basis of newly discovered value drivers / with abolition of the process restrictions (new productivity factor)
  • Process simulation with different AI algorithms
  • For verifying the control signal
  • To determine the economic potential
  • Meta-AI identifies best algorithm (highest signal quality + highest economic lever)

Implementation in the production process

  • Identification of the respective best feed-in point for the control signals
  • Implementation in the operational production processes
  • Fully automated in machine-to-machine processes (digital control in real-time)
  • Part-automated with decision-making support for employees (faster response, better decisions)
  • Analysis of the production data / re-analysis
  • Continuous optimization and re-evaluation of control signals and processes using self-learning algorithms